Sydney Criminal Lawyers: Over 230 Civil Society Groups Condemn NSW Government’s Anti-Protest Regime

More than 230 civil society organisations have joined together to condemn the sentencing of local climate defender Violet Coco in an effort coordinated by Counteract, Wage Peace and other grassroots activists, a diverse coalition of organisations have made known, via an open letter, that they not only condemn Coco’s prison sentence, but further the Perrottet government’s anti-protest regime, which led to this dramatic escalation in punishing nonviolent climate protest.

The signatories include the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW, the Human Rights Law Centre, the Maritime Union of Australia, the National Justice Project, Amnesty, Liberty Victoria, Extinction Rebellion, Pride in Protest and Free Gaza Australia.

As part of the open letter, NSW Council for Civil Liberties president Josh Pallas outlined that the crackdown on protest has involved “parliament passing harsher laws, police seeking draconian bail conditions and surveilling protestors, and prosecutors seeking custodial sentences”.

This “shows just how much contempt this government holds for protestors and the environment”, Pallas makes clear. “The repression of peaceful protestors must end.”

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