Submissions (blog)

Submission to Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology & the Arts Legislation Committee on the Communications Legislation Amendment Bill (No.2) 2003 - September 2003

Submission to Inquiry into Australian Human Rights Commission Legislation Bill 2003 - April 2003

Submission on Cross-Border Investigative Powers - April 2003

Submission to Review of the Law of Manslaughter in NSW - February 2003

UNSWCCL Submission to Review of the Policy Objectives of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal Act 1997 - December 2002

Submission to Inquiry Into An Equal Age of Consent - October 2002

Submission to HREOC Inquiry into Children in Detention - April 2002

Submission regarding Criminal Code Amendment (Espionage and Related Offences) Bill 2002 - March 2002

Submission regarding Migration Amendment Legislation Bills 2002 - March 2002

Submission regarding Review of the Search Warrants Act 1985 - May 2001