Submissions (blog)

Submission concerning Protecting Classified and Security Sensitive Information (submission in response to Australian Law Reform Commission's Discussion Paper 67) - March 2004

Submission to the Model Criminal Code Officers’ Committee’s Issue Estoppel, Double Jeopardy and Prosecution Appeals Against Acquittals - February 2004

UNSWCCL Submission to Review to Consider the Merits of Establishing a Gun Court in NSW - December 2003

UNSWCCL Submission relating to the PM's Discussion Paper "Resolving Deadlocks" - December 2003

UNSWCCL Submission on abolition of prison sentences of six months or less in NSW - November 2003

UNSWCCL Submission to Review of Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2001 (universities & music copyright) - October 2003

Submission to Inquiry into Migration Legislation Amendment (Migration Agent Integrity Measures) Bill 2003 - October 2003

UNSWCCL Submission on Draft Double Jeopardy Bill 2003 (NSW) - October 2003

Submission to Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology & the Arts Legislation Committee on the Communications Legislation Amendment Bill (No.2) 2003 - September 2003

Submission to Inquiry into Australian Human Rights Commission Legislation Bill 2003 - April 2003