General submissions

This page contains submissions on general topics that aren't a focus of one of our action groups. Please see the main submissions page for a comprehensive list of all submissions.

Submission to Singapore Law Society's Inquiry into Capital Punishment in Singapore - September 2006

Submission to NSW Legislations Review Committee Inquiry into Strict and Absolute Liability - August 2006

Submission to NSW Criminal Law Review Division Inquiry into Draft Surveillance Bill (NSW) - August 2006

Submission to Inquiry into Australia's Extradition and Mutual Assistance Treaties with Malaysia - July 2006

Submission to Inquiry into Corrective Services Legislation Amendment Bill (2006) (reproductive rights of prisoners) - July 2006

Submission to Access Card Consumer and Privacy Taskforce relating to proposed 'Smartcard' - July 2006

Submission to the ten year review of the NSW Police Oversight System - May 2006

Submission to Inquiry into the functions of the Police Integrity Commission and the Ombudsman in providing oversight over police actions under NSW counter-terrorism laws - May 2006

Submission to Classification Review Board re Australian Attorney-General's Interference on Islamic Literature (censoring 'hate' books) - June 2006

Submission to New Matilda’s Public Consultation on the Human Rights Bill 2006 - April 2006