Religious Instruction in Schools Policy 1966


General Meeting (June 1966).

'That the Committee investigate and if thought fit protest against the New South Wales legislation in respect of the introduction of the Religious and Moral Instruction Curriculum.'

Quoted from newsletter No. 10 (1967).

Subsequently, the Committee received a report from a subcommittee to the effect that 'this teaching is undemocratic and undesirable and that it infringes a basic right of each member of the community to send his or her child to a public school without fear of indoctrination in any particular faith, and in the confidence that the school will provide his or her child with a full secular education untainted by religious dogma or belief. The Committee also formed the view that the part of this curriculum which deals with scripture was contrary to the spirit and letter of the Public Instruction Act from which it purports to be derived and further that it should be the subject of action by the Council with the Government.'