Policy: 2019

This page lists policy resolutions endorsed by the Committee and policy statements for 2019.

DECEMBER 2019 Medevac – another shameful last week in the Australian Parliament

NOVEMBER 2019 NSW mobile phone detection bill seriously flawed

OCTOBER 2019 Climate Justice

OCTOBER 2019 Press Freedom and whistle blowers

OCTOBER 2019 Religious Discrimination Bill

SEPTEMBER 2019 Letter to MPs Reproductive Healthcare Bill

AUGUST 2019 Government acts on religious discrimination 

JULY 2019 NSWCCL urges Parliament to pass abortion reform Bill

JULY 2019 Mass data retention regime review

JUNE 2019 Regulation of poppers and the LGBTIQ community

JUNE 2019 NSW bail law reforms

JUNE 2019 Police raid on journalists

JUNE 2019 Prosecution of whistleblower Richard Boyle

JUNE 2019 NSWCCL urges reform of NSW strip-search laws

MAY 2019 Election platform analysis - where the parties stand on asylum seeker policies

MAY 2019 New and coordinated push for abortion law reform in NSW

APRIL 2019 NSWCCL welcomes ALP support for Aboriginal legal aid and justice reinvestment

APRIL 2019 The arrest and threatened extradition of Julian Assange

APRIL 2019 High Court upholds safe access zones

APRIL 2019 Hands off the ABC: Senate Inquiry finds political interference in ABC

APRIL 2019 Justice for Nasrin Sotoudeh: CCL urges the release of Iranian political prisoner

MARCH 2019 NSWCCL condemns Premier Berejiklian’s call for police to search homes without warrants

MARCH 2019 NSWCCL calls for united stand against hatred

FEBRUARY 2019 The thwarting of the medical evacuation bill

FEBRUARY 2019 Medevac bill: cross-bench /labor victory- but danger ahead

FEBRUARY 2019 NSWCCL signs #BackTheBill: Medical treatment should not be a political question

JANUARY 2019 NSWCCL warns of vigilante risk in making child sex offenders register public