Policies 1991


(CM. 27.3.91)

- the present position that ASIO records in the open access period (presently 30 years or more old) are available to public access, subject to ASIO's assessment as to whether security reasons require them to be withheld, should not be changed to exclude ASIO records from the Archives Act altogether;
- public access to ASIO records through the Archives Act is an important aspect of open government and ensuring that government agencies properly serve the public;
- the only change in the Archives Act which might be changed would be reducing the open access period from 30 years to a substantially shorter period.


(CM. 26/6/91)

That the Council supports the right of women to breast feed in public places.


ABC reporting of Gulf Crisis (CM. 30.1.91)

That, given the varied and contentious issues around the present international situation, we would view with extreme concern any attempt by any official body to stifle or prevent any broad discussion of the issues in public, or the use of any experts in that discussion.


Publication of Artists' impressions of Court Proceedings (CM. 27.2.91)

That the making of sketches of persons in criminal and civil courts without the judge making an order to say that such identification should not be made does not constitute any breach of civil liberties.


ICAC Act (NSW) and access to legal advice (CM. 25.9.91)

The NSW CCL calls for amendments to s.112 of the ICAC Act to guarantee that persons called before that organisation maintain their common law right to seek legal advice on all matters that concern them. The Council calls for the end to the power claimed by the ICAC to prohibit witnesses from seeking legal advice.

The CCL notes that the police and the courts do not have such a power.


Volunteer Police (CM. 28.8.91)

The Council opposes the introduction of volunteer police in New South Wales. A full-time professional and trained police force - subject to Ombudsman and disciplinary procedures - is the only appropriate police force. There is no place for volunteer police in the inevitable
exercise of police powers of:

  • Arrest
  • Charge
  • Detention
  • Detention for questioning
  • Entry onto property
  • Search of persons and places
  • Use of force
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Questioning of suspects
  • Carrying and use of weapons
  • Access to confidential information and criminal records


CM. 27.03.91

That: there should be no ban on political advertising. The Council supports in principle aspects of the proposal which cover disclosure of donations we support the concept of truth In advertising relating to political advertising we would oppose any constraints on political advertising per se on community organisations or lobby groups.

CM. 26.6.91

That the Council opposes strongly the blanket prohibition on political advertisements by political parties and other groups at any time contained in the Political Broadcasts and Political Disclosures Bill 1991.