Police 1995

AGM. 25.10.95


The New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties:

- Congratulates the Royal Commission on Police for its excellent work in exposing wide-spread corruption and abuse of civil liberties within the Police Service;
- Noting the corruption extends into the senior commissioned police officer levels, condemns the Police Commissioner, Mr Lauer, for negligence in ignoring or being oblivious to the seriousness of the problems over a period of years;
- Re-affirms the resolution carried at the CCL AGM in October 1993 that Mr Lauer should be removed from office; and calls upon the Premier, Mr Carr, to act immediately to implement this;
- Pledges that the CCL, which is uniquely placed as a body with no vested interests, will do all in its power to ensure that there will be a root-and branch reform of the Police Service and its practices.