Police - 1993

CM. (20.10.93)

That CCL notes with concern that the NSW Police Association apparently believes that its members are laws unto themselves. Policemen need to be reminded that laws are made by elected parliaments and that the job of the Police is to uphold laws, not defy them. The CCL feels strongly that a thorough investigation into the administration and operation of the Police Service is long overdue. The Service is out of control and the Commissioner, Mr Lauer, appears to be singularly ill-informed of what some of the police under his command are up to, from corruption to alleged supply of firearms and drugs to the underworld. It is not enough to have a parliamentary inquiry into these matters. A Commission, including nominees of community-based bodies, should be established for the purpose. The Council for Civil Liberties would be happy to participate.

AGM. (29.10.93)

As Mr Lauer, the Police Commissioner, has shown that he cannot control the police force, the New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties Inc calls for his removal from office. Further, we assert that a Minister for Police who asserts that the NSW Police Service headed by Mr Lauer is 'the finest police service in the world' should be relieved of his portfolio.