December 2015 Newsletter

National issues | 800 year anniversary of signing of Magna Carta |Counter-terrorism

NSW Issues | Police Oversight reform in NSW

CCL Issues | Submissions | Action Group Profile: Free Speech, Privacy and Open Government | Join an Action Group

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May 2015 Newsletter

National issues | 'Chilling' ASIO secrecy law | Taking CITIZENFOUR to Parliament House 

NSW issues | CCL defends free speech on Sydney Uni campus | The State of NSW | The NSW Police Lobby 

CCL News | Professor Gillian Triggs to speak at CCL Annual Dinner | CCL sponsors cryptoparty! | Action Group Profile: Free Speech, Privacy and Open Government

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Newsletter June-July 2014

In this issue:

  • Message from the Secretary 
  • Racial vilification legislation 
  • Independent monitor of counter-terrorism laws abolished
  • Senate election reform
  • Telecommunications interception and access
  • Police powers - safeguard weakened
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Independence of attorney general and police ministries
  • Racial vilification report deferred
  • Police consorting law reform
  • Oversight of police critical incidents

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October-November 2013 newsletter

In this edition: President's message; AGM and Annual Dinner review; 'vexatious' charges against CSG protestors; Bill watch including Zoe's Law, and much more! Available online now.

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August-September 2013 Newsletter

In this edition: Post election civil liberties musings - implications and thoughts; NSWCCL opposes Zoe's Law; NO! to warrantless surveillance; NSW Surveillance Devices Act Review; Web update; Work experience at NSWCCL; and Annual Dinner, AGM and committee nominations. Click through to view.

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July 2013 newsletter

In this edition: NSWCCL 50th Anniversary Dinner reminder; Web update; National ASIO Campaign: summary of the recent Politics in the Pub - ASIO's Absurd Powers; Asylum seekers: Australia's deepening shame; NSW Law Alert: 'Out of Control' events; Overview of our submission on the supply of alcohol to minors; Occupy Sydney: the right to protest

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June 2013 newsletter

In this edition: NSWCCL 50th Anniversary Dinner; Australia's asylum seeker policy morass: the excision of the Australian mainland; Update on the National ASIO Campaign; No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka documentary screening; The 'never-ending' growth of global surveillance

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May 2013 newsletter

The first edition of our newsletter is out now!

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