Naturalisation Policy 1964


Annual General Meeting (October 1964).

'The Council for Civil Liberties considers the present Government policy enabling Europeans to become naturalised after five years'; residence in Australia, but extending non-European residential qualifications to fifteen years, to be discriminatory, and strongly recommend that non-European migrants be given the right to become naturalised after five years. It is not intended that non-European students be included in this recommendation, but that they be given a separate legal status.

N.B. The substance of this resolution became law in 1966.

Letter of 10th September 1964 to Minister for Immigration quoted in Newsletter No. 4.

'We, therefore, suggest that serious consideration be given to extending the provisions of the Nationality and Citizenship Act to include:

  1. the right of a migrant to apply for and be given information revealing the grounds for the rejection of his application for naturalisation; and
  2. the right of a migrant to lodge an Appeal to be heard by either an independent commissioner or a tribunal, (in camera, if necessary) who will decide whether the grounds for the refusal are justified and are substantiated.'