Local Government Policy 1966


Letter to Minister for Local Government, quoted in Newsletter No. 8 (May 1966).

The Local Government Act should be amended to provide that notice of any building application (other than for purely internal purposes) be served upon all immediately adjoining owners and upon any other person whose interests would, in the opinion of the local Council, be affected by the application. Such persons should be given the opportunity to oppose the application and, if the application is approved by the Council, have a right of appeal to the Land and Valuation Court of the Board of Appeals.

N.B. 'The Local Government Act has now been amended to require a Council to notify adjoining owners of the proposed erection of residential flats. It has also been amended to give private objectors the right of appeal against the Council decision in that regard but the later amendment has at the 1st September 1978 never been proclaimed. However, a number of Councils, both Shire and Municipal now adopt the policy of notifying adjoining neighbours and other persons likely to be affected in respect of any building application.'