Legislation: Teoh, Crimes Amendment Bill 1995

TEOH (AGM. 25.10.95)

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties condemns the Federal Government's move to reverse the effect of the High Court's decision in Teoh. The High Court held that Commonwealth public officials in exercising discretionary powers were bound to have regard to international treaties signed by the Commonwealth Government.

The Council deplores the Government's hypocrisy in representing to the world that we will abide by our treaties, while expressly denying the use of those treaties by Australian citizens in courts of law.


Crimes Amendment (Controlled Operations) Bill 1995 (AGM. 25.10.95)

This Council strongly opposes the proposed Commonwealth;Crimes Amendment (Controlled Operations) Bill 1995 and calls on the Federal Government to withdraw the Bill and calls on the Senate to reject the legislation.

The Council for Civil Liberties urges on the Parliament a consideration of the words of Chief Justice Mason in that decision when he said; Circumstances can arise in which the need to discourage unlawful conduct on the part of enforcement officers and to preserve the integrity of the administration of Criminal Justice outweighs the public interest in a conviction of those guilty of crime.