Crime Policy 1988


Arrest (CM. 27.4.88)

That CCL:

  • Oppose detention for interrogation;  
  • Oppose the proposal to empower the police to demand, under threat of penal sanction, the name and address of anyone who may be able to assist the police with their inquiries into offences which 'may have been or are likely to have been committed.'
  • Recommend the abolition of common law powers of arrest and replacement with appropriate statutory powers so that the law or arrest is clear and accessible.

Criminal Defamation (CM. 27.4.88)

That CCL request that the offence of criminal defamation be abolished by the repeal of sections 50 to 53 of the Defamation Act. At the same time, it would be appropriate to amend s.49 of the Act to abolish the criminal offence of blasphemous, seditious and obscene libel, all of which are inappropriate to a late 20th Century liberal, democratic society.

Conspiracy (CM. 27.04.88)

That conspiracy should only be available where jurisdictional factors prevent the charge of a substantive offence and that, in those circumstances, only those conspiracies to do acts which are crimes should be chargeable.

Motor Traffic (Road Safety) Amendment Act 1987 - Drug Driving (CM. 24.2.88)

That CCL recommends the repeal of the law until sufficient scientific experimentation is done to show what concentrations of what drugs result in drivers driving in a way that puts themselves and other road users at risk.

Summary Offences Act 1988 (CM. 27.7.88)

CCL calls on the Attorney-General to initiate the legislation necessary to repeal the offences of affray and rout.