Crime Policy 1987


Crimes Photographic Evidence Amendment Bill (CM. 25.2.87)

That CCL opposes the provision in the Act permitting the use of photographs taken in other than traffic offences. That there be a legislative prohibition on continuous surveillance of drivers whether or not they are in breach of the traffic laws.

Extradition Rights (CM. 27.5.87)

That the extradition laws be amended to provide to defendants the right to make full answer to the allegations brought against them by foreign countries and to provide expressly for the right to bail pending the outcome of any proceedings taken by the defendant in relation to their extradition.

Retrospective Legislation (CM. 25.3.87)

That CCL is fundamentally opposed to the imposition of criminal sanctions retrospectively and cannot envisage any circumstances in which retrospective criminal liability could be imposed.

CHELMSFORD (CM. 26.8.87)

That CCL support the Citizens' Committee on Human Rights regarding the unsatisfactory situation concerning Chelmsford Hospital.