Counter-Terrorism laws and the dangerous encroachment on citizens' fundamental rights and liberties

Stephen Blanks and Lesley Lynch spoke to the importance of the eroding of freedoms through terrorism laws, and noted concern that this push will continue unless community groups can rally against it.

Resolution 7.1 

  1. i) The NSW Council for Civil Liberties reaffirms its opposition to the disturbing trend for Australian Governments to respond to terrorist incidents by passing numerous counter-terrorism laws which seriously and unwarrantedly encroach on the fundamental rights and liberties of Australians to the point where they now constitute a real threat to our democratic way of life.
  2. ii) The NSW Council for Civil Liberties considers that only a strong charter of rights can effectively prevent the current accelerating trend of unjustifiable statutory encroachment on our fundamental freedoms and rights.

iii) The Council for Civil Liberties commits to engage with other organisations and individuals to reactivate a national campaign for a strong Australian charter/ bill of rights

Move: Lesley Lynch/Mikah Pajaczkowska-Russell that the resolution 7.1 be adopted: Carried