Australians on Death Row

The following Australians have been executed in recent years:

  • Kevin Barlow - hanged on 7th July 1986 in Malaysia.
  • Brian Chambers - hanged on 7th July 1986 in Malaysia.
  • Michael McAuliffe - hanged on 19th June 1993 in Malaysia.
  • Van Tuong Nguyen - hanged on 2nd December 2005 in Singapore.
  • Andrew Chan - firing squad on 29th April 2015 in Indonesia.
  • Myuran Sukumaran - firing squad on 29th April 2015 in Indonesia.

The following Australians are facing the death penalty overseas because they have been convicted of offences that attract a death sentence:

  • Pham Trung Dung – convicted and sentenced to death in 2014 in Vietnam for heroin trafficking.
  • Henry Chhin – convicted and sentenced to death (suspended) in 2005 in China for amphetamine trafficking.
  • Ibrahim Jalloh - convicted and sentenced to death (suspended for 2 years) in April 2015 in China for methamphetamine trafficking
  • Antonio Bagnato - convicted and sentenced to death on 7 February 2017 in Thailand for murder

For more details on these people, look at our comprehensive list of Australians who have previously been arrested and/or convicted of capital offences (last updated 30 April 2015). In this document, you will also find information on people who have been charged with capital offences and were acquitted or given alternative sentences.