A.S.I.O and the special branch Policy 1973


CM. 28.3.73.

'The compilation of dossiers on individuals is prima facie a breach of civil liberties and as such must be closely scrutinised. The minimal form of scrutiny shall be firstly that A.S.I.O. be under the direct control of and directly accountable to the federal Attorney- General and/or the Prime Minister and that no information be released by A.S.I.O. to any person, government department, instrumentality or otherwise, other than the Attorney-General and/or the Prime Minister.'

Council for Civil Liberties evidence to Senate Select Committee on Civil Rights of Migrant Australians (5th September 1973).

There is a strong case to be made out in favour of disbanding A.S.I.O. or at the very least of instituting an independent inquiry into the objectives, methods and efficiency of the organisation and into the social and educational background of its staff.