Abortion Policy 1970


Report of Sub-Committee, adopted in general by Committee, quoted in Civil Liberty (April 1970):

'The Council for Civil Liberties asserts that a woman has a right to have an abortion, that is, a termination of pregnancy - and that a licensed physician has a right to perform or refuse an abortion without the threat of criminal sanctions.

In pursuit of this right, the Council for Civil Liberties asks that State legislatures amend all laws imposing criminal penalties for abortions performed, for whatever reason, by a licensed physician. The law should allow any woman to ask a doctor to terminate a pregnancy any time up to quickening.

The Council for Civil Liberties holds that every woman, as a matter of her right to the enjoyment of life, liberty and privacy, should be free to determine whether and when to bear children.

The Council for Civil Liberties itself offers no comment on the wisdom or the moral implications of abortion, believing that such judgments belong solely in the province of individual conscience and religion.'