Are police officers providing their name and place of duty when required?

The NSW Ombudsman is conducting a review of Part 15 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002, which requires police to state their name and place of duty in certain circumstances, such as when stopping, searching or arresting someone. Full details and background of the review

We need your feedback to make a submission. The Ombudsman asks: In your experience, are police currently complying with the requirement to provide their name and place of duty? If you can tell us about a particular interaction with police, please explain the circumstances and whether police provided their name and place of duty.

Important information for providing us information:

  • Any information collected will be used only for the purposes of our submission and your contact details will not be provided to third parties or used for any other purpose without your consent. 
  • Unless you indicate otherwise, the details of your interaction with police may be used as part of the submission to the Ombudsman, and the submission will be made public. 
  • The review covers the period from November 2014 to present.