Need Advice?

Answers to common questions concerning civil liberties and related issues can be found on this page.

NSWCCL can sometimes assist with individual complaints or requests for advice. Please read the FAQs on this page before submitting a complaint or query via the assistance page. We require all complaints and requests to be submitted in writing via the assistance page (preferred), fax or by post.


What can NSWCCL help with?

I feel that my civil liberties have been infringed. Can you help?


The NSWCCL is a completely independent, volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation. We do not receive any government funding. We receive a high volume of complaints and requests for assistance, and are not generally able to assist because of our limited resources. Where your concern raises a significant or 'test case' civil liberties issue, we may be able to help - however please note that these are very few cases.

What happens if I make a complaint to NSWCCL?

I would like to make a complaint or request information from NSWCCL. What happens once I email, mail or fax my complaint to you?


Your correspondence is generally received by our Office Coordinator. It is then processed by the Complaints Officer, who will either respond to your complaint or request or pass your information on to an Executive member, Committee member or Sub-committee that has more expertise in the area. You will then receive a response either directly or via the Complaints Officer or Office Coordinator.

I need advice immediately. Can I speak to someone?

I need some advice or would like to request assistance over the phone or in person. Can I call or attend the office?


The NSWCCL is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation. Many of our Executive and Committee members work full time or have other commitments. We therefore require all complaints or requests for advice to be in writing, as we do not have any staff who are able to assist you over the phone or in person. You are welcome to call the office, however we are unable to assist with any complaints or advice over the phone.