The  Committee manages the business of NSWCCL. It consists of 15 ordinary members (in addition to the Executive  members) and is elected annually. The Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month usually in the Council Chambers of the Sydney Town Hall.  CCL members are welcome to attend. 

Martin BibbyMartin Bibby

Martin has been a member of the Committee since 2004. He was Assistant Secretary for a number of years and  convener of civil rights subcommittee 2007-2013.  Martin writes a large number of CCL’s submissions in relation to civil liberties and human rights issues. 

Formerly President of: Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, NSW Institute for Educational Research, Schoolwatch Committee;  Chair of the Board of Educational Philosophy and Theory and the ethics committee of the Australian Association for Research in Education; secretary of the Federation of Australian Postgraduate Associations


AngelaCatallo180x220.jpg Angela Catallo

Angela is a Welfare Officer with the NSW Teachers Federation and before that a High School English and ESL teacher in South-Western Sydney. In her present role she is involved in advising on the industrial rights of workers.

With a background teaching students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds she has an interest in immigration policy and the availability of social and legal rights to the less advantaged members of our society.

simon_bruck_small.jpgSimon Bruck

Simon Bruck joined the Committee in October 2018.

Simon is currently a Senior Solicitor at the Refugee Advice and Casework Service which is a community legal centre working for the rights of people seeking asylum. He previously worked at Legal Aid NSW. Simon is an Executive Councillor of NSW Young Lawyers and Vice-Chair of its Human Rights Committee, and he sits on the Law Society of NSW Human Rights Committee. Simon believes in access to justice and is concerned about the weakening of civil liberties.

Simon is the Convenor of the Civil and Human Rights Action Group and in that role is involved in the Alliance for a Human Rights Act for NSW Campaign.

mramage.jpg Malcolm Ramage QC

Malcolm is a barrister specialising in criminal law. He was appointed QC in 1990. Malcolm has been a NSWCCL member since about 1971 and has has held the role of President.

Malcolm is the convenor of the Legal Panel. 

Hans_Heilpern180x220.jpgHans Heilpern

Hans Heilpern is currently a legal member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. As an academic he developed and taught in the first NSW tertiary courses for police and prison officers.

During the Wran Labor Government he was chief of staff to the Attorney General and later the Director General of the Department of Community Services.

Hans has been a member of a number of Commonwealth and State tribunals and was a member of the NSW Parole Board.

He was a special consultant to Commonwealth Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Commonwealth Minister for Health in connection with HIV/AIDS in prison. He was a Commissioner on the Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland.


Michelle Falstein 

Michelle practiced as a solicitor in Sydney’s CBD for over 30 years and has Bachelors degrees, in Arts/Law (UNSW) and Science (USYD), and a Masters in Environmental Law (USYD). She rejoined NSWCCL in 2016; was appointed to the committee in 2018; and is currently the convenor of the Privacy committee.

Michelle has always had a strong interest in civil rights and law reform, particularly the decriminalisation of abortion. Her submissions have dealt with privacy issues in the My Health Record, Identity Matching Services, the Non-consensual Sharing of Intimate Images and mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients.